Who and what is important?

Be it a brand advocate, a critic or someone influential in your industry, discover who they are and track all the content written by them.

Who wrote the most

Identify who in your industry writes the most about you and how to regard who is important by their Volume of posts on a given subject, Social Media Impact and Reach of these posts and Influence of the person.

Influencer analytics

Know who your Brand advocates & detractors are and the channels they use to communicate. Identify handful of these people (journalists, bloggers, twitterers etc.) that are shaping the conversation for your brand, product or topic of interest. Discover these "Influencers" by not just looking at shallow metrics like "follower counts" but also the amount of shares the posts created by these influencers have received over social media. These shares can be in the form of re-tweets, Likes, Comments, etc.

Brand advocates

Everyday, you may have hundreds, if not thousands of people writing and talking about your industry. Discover who your brand advocates are and engage them by using analytics like Reach, Influence & Sentiment Analysis.


Similarly, you will want be able to discover who your brand detractors are. Get into dialogues with your critics to know how to improve on your products and services. Create your own Media Lists to monitor their posts and discussions.