When should I care?

Get "early warning" alerts through email or SMS when sudden trends or patterns emerge in discussions around your brand in news and social media.

Shift in discussion trends

  • Unless there are major events happening around your brand, the trend in Mentions about your brand remain in the ballpark. Be alerted in minutes automatically when there is a jump in number of Mentions around your brand when it crosses a certain threshold set by you. E.g., Alert me when I receive mentions twice my daily average
  • Alerts can be setup on volume of posts around your brand on social media or your own Facebook/Twitter accounts. For e.g., alert me on my mobile when there are triple the number of posts than what I generally receive on my Facebook page over an hour
  • Alerts can also be configured on trends in mentions with positive or negative sentiment too

Shift in sharing trends

  • When content around you or content you created gets shared on social media rapidly, the number of people Liking, Commenting, Retweeting your content goes up at a higher pace. Configure automated alerts (on mobile) which can identify and pinpoint when your content is about to go viral