What is being said about me?

Get news coverage updates on your topics in traditional media as well as listen to the conversations in social media such as Blogs, Facebook and Twitter as and when they happen.

What sources are covered?

  • 65,000 online news websites in up to 190 countries
  • 100 milllion blogs around the world
  • Social Networks - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Video websites - Youtube, Dailymotion etc.
  • 30,000 discussion forums
  • 67 languages, 40 of which have text analytics such as sentiment are performed, including English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Farsi, Hebrew and more
  • Ability to add custom social networking platforms, news and forums.

You can find indepth information about our data collection capabilities here

Media Lens: Our easy-to-use online tool

Media Lens is a powerful research and analytics tool which can not just give you quick insights into what is happening with your topics of interest, but also allows a very fine grained view allowing you to read and analyze conversations, trends and more. There is also a very extensive reporting functionality with readymade charts & tables available for download.

Email digest: Get regular updates to your mail box

While Media Lens offers access to your media coverage as well as social media discussions on a very easy plaftorm, you can also opt to receive the same information via email, keeping you updated even when you are on the move.

Think of it as a modern take on your clipping service - not only giving access to content in a much faster way, but also added analytics, delivered the time you want it to be.

Beat the information overload

With certain large brands and governments, the weekly relevant news or social media conversations can be in tens of thousands. Media Lens offers you a slew of capabilites to beat this information overload and allows an analyst to get the gist of what is happening under an hour.

Features like "Trending topics", "Topic hashtags", "Top headlines", "Top retweets", "Top SMI articles" are some of the much needed capabilities that can help you stay in control of your media within a limited time.