Is my media strategy working?

Get an overview of how your social media presence is taking form. See what your return on investment is, through the increase in 'likes', comments, followers and traffic.

Social media presence: Twitter and Facebook

  • See the TRENDS of your company's social media account (e.g. @CocaCola) over the past few years. Correlate the peaks and dips in the trends with your social media marketing activities (or lack thereof). Take a look at how other people are engaging with your brands.
  • RETWEETS shows how many people repost the content published by you to share it with their followers. The higher the retweets, the more interesting the content should be. By having an eye on the trends of the retweets on your content, you can justify your efforts in producing content.
  • By looking at trends and growth in the follower patterns, i.e. the relative number of followers you gained between weeks, or months (or any points in time), you would be able to understand the change in popularity of your twitter accounts over time. Such a capability would help you understand the ROI of your social media marketing activities as well.
Mentions of @VivianRedingEU on Twitter
Followers of @VivianRedingEU on Twitter

Return on investment

  • Measure growth in followers and subscribers to your company's social media accounts
  • Measure growth (and see trends) in Likes, Comments posted on your content over time
  • Number (and trends) of people engaging with your brand on twitter using @account references
  • Distinct number of people who sent a message to your brand or shared your marketing message online
  • Number of shares received over social media by content you created online
  • Number of views (and trends) of your videos in Youtube and any other channels measured
  • Percentage of industry influencers who mentioned your brand during your campaigns
  • Percentage of all the twitter users from a country who mentioned your brand during your campaigns