Media Lens

Media Lens is a powerful research and analytics tool which can not just give you quick insights into what is happening with your topics of interest, but also allows a very fine grained view allowing you to read and analyze conversations, trends and more. There is also a very extensive reporting functionality with readymade charts & tables available for download.

Media Lens Screenshots (Download in PDF)

Some features of Media Lens

1. Tracking discussions


Media Lens allows articles posted online to be collected from online news, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, discussion forums, Youtube, Flickr and other social media channels when they match the keywords setup by the user. Data collection happens around the clock, all days of the year, in a completely automated way using web crawlers. Every article collected is analyzed and 22 different analytics/metrics are derived from it automatically. Every article collected by us has a timestamp attached to it, which gives the time at which the article is posted by the author. Other details available for every article is the author’s name, the sentiment of the article towards the topic of interest, the country of origin, the language, the social media impact (virality) and other such details.

Depending on what filters (date, keyword, language etc) the user applies; the articles matching those filters are shown in left side of Media Lens. See screenshot below.

Tracking discussions in Media Lens

2. Discover key discussion points and trends


Media Lens also offers the ability to determine key discussions points and trends surrounding the topics of interest. It’s possible through the following means:

  1. Trending topics
  2. Top re-tweets
  3. Top headlines
  4. Top hash tags

2.1 Trending Topics


Media Lens automatically figures out the most frequently occurring phrases that people use to communicate and discover the entities and events that are gaining traction. All articles posted online and meet the search filters the user has applied will be analyzed to give this information.

Trending topics in Media Lens

2.2 Top re-tweets


Most breaking news or news that receives a lot of traction can be discovered by tapping into twitter. Media Lens displays the most re-tweeted tweets that speak about the topic of interest or keywords selected by the user. This is a very simple and powerful way to discover trending stories.

Top re-tweets in Media Lens

2.3 Top Headlines


As we monitor online news media too in conjunction with social media, we are able to see the impact created by news headlines over the social media. In other words, the news stories which are most popular among the social media users. Media Lens displays the news headlines that had the top Social Media Impact as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Top headlines in Media Lens

2.4 Top Hash Tags


By constantly having an eye on the most frequently used Hash Tags by people on Twitter, on your topics of interest, you are able to discover any unforeseen trends that you are not aware of, within hours. Note that these hash tags need not be the ones you try to push out – they are the popular hash tags which people on twitter are attaching to content about your topics of interest.

Top hashtags in Media Lens

3. Influencer identification


We are able to show the key influencers in a variety of ways, from the activity they generate, their influence levels, the number of followers they have and the extent to which the content they produce gets shared further in social media (Social Media Impact) etc.

Mechanism to discover influencers differs for each media type. For News, we look into web analytics information of a news website like Page views, Unique visitors etc. For Twitter, we not just look into how many followers a person has but also how many of his tweets get re-tweeted, whether other people engage with him or not etc.

In Media Lens, it’s possible to see influencers for any topic of interest from all media types. It’s also possible to filter them for example by what they write about, their locations, languages, etc. For every influencer, it’s possible to see transparently, why we choose to call him so by showing details like follower counts, re-tweet counts etc.

Top influencers in Media Lens