Data coverage

  • Up to 190 countries monitored
  • 67 languages supported - full fledged analytics on 15 of them
  • 65,000 online news websites monitored
  • Major top news paper websites from all countries covered
  • Over 100 million blogs indexed
  • Comprehensive Twitter monitoring - not missing any tweets
  • All Facebook public pages/groups being monitored
  • Insights on any official Facebook pages, Twitter & Youtube accounts
  • 30,000 discussion forums
  • YouTube and Flickr covered
  • Ability to add any new media source (News, Blog, Twitter, FB etc) easily

Mighty technology

  • We run our own search engines on a cloud of more than 35 servers
  • We have full control on our data, as we don’t depend on others to provide it
  • All our systems have high availability and depend on our fail-safe software architecture
  • Load balancing and fail safety provide always uptime
  • Utilizes open source search & distributed computing technologies
  • Over a million lines of proprietary code
  • Home made search engines and distributed computing software to power everything above