Effectiveness of your communication

Am I being heard?

Know the impact created among social media and hence the overall effectiveness of your communication efforts by analyzing your communication channels like Press releases, Corporate blogs, Facebook pages etc.

Press releases

  • Press releases still play an important part in your communication efforts. Discover which newspapers, blogs picked up your press release. Also, taking it a step forward, know how people in turn shared every single one of these news articles and blogs which picked up your press release on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other sharing channels
  • Quantify the impact created by your press releases in two tiers:
    1. Number of publishers who directly picked up your press release in the form of Mentions & Reach, called DIRECT shares
    2. The total amount of Social Media Impact (SMI) created by these publishers in turn in the form of (Facebook Shares, Facebook Likes, Facebook Comments, Tweets, Comments on the website) called INDIRECT shares
press release impact

Corporate blogs

  • Discover how well your corporate blog is doing by looking at the Social Media Impact (SMI) created by every single post in your blog. As the SMI also includes the number of comments received on the website and elsewhere on social media, you will be able to quantify the interest of your audience. See a line chart plotted on these metrics and constantly improve or experiment with the content you post by correlating with the metrics
  • Discover people who spread your blog posts the most on Twitter, Facebook and other channels

Facebook pages and Twitter Account

  • See the TRENDS of your company's social media account (e.g. @CocaCola) over the past few years. Correlate the peaks and troughs in the trends with your social media marketing activties. Mentions are a good way to take a look at how other people are engaging with your brands
  • RETWEETS shows how many people repost the content published by you to share it with their followers. The higher the retweets, the more interesting the content should be. By having an eye on the trends of the retweets on your content, you should be able to can justify your efforts in producing content
  • By looking at trends and growth in the follower patterns, i.e. the relative number of followers you gained between weeks, or months (or any points in time), you be able to understand the change in popularity of your twitter accounts over time. Such a capability would help you understand the ROI of your social media marketing activities as well
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