What is being said about me?

Get news coverage updates on your topics in traditional media as well as listen to the conversations in social media such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter as and when they happen. Learn more.

Who & what is important?

Be it a brand advocate, a critic or someone influential in your industry, discover who they are and track all the content written by them. Learn more.

Is my media strategy working?

Get an overview of how your social media presence is taking form. See what your return on investment is through the increase in 'likes', comments, followers and traffic. Learn more.

How do I compare with others?

Know what people are talking about your industry in general and not just about your brand. Analyse the social media presence of different players in the industry. Learn more.

Am I being heard?

Know the impact created among social media and hence the overall effectiveness of your communication efforts by analyzing your communication channels like Press releases, Corporate blogs, Facebook pages etc. Learn more.

When should I care?

Get "early warning" alerts through email or SMS when sudden trends or patterns emerge in discussions around your brand in news and social media. Learn more.